Public transport security

Our transport security services, will provide you with maximum passenger's safety and security. We develop tailor made safety and security solutions, so that you as the client can feel comfortable when engaging in work, business and social meetings & activities.


What is aviation security?

Our aviation security services do not provides the checking off passengers, luggage etc., but also the security of the aircraft, staff and its passenger before its release into the airspace.

We provide full security services from the moment the aircrafts departures and its arrival to its final destination. We are working close with the airports authority in order to provide the best safety and security services for our client's needs.

Our company’s aviation security main goals are:

  • Protect the airport and its visitors;
  • Passenger transportation;
  • Freight transport;
  • Training of staff to react in emergency situations, effective cooperation with the rapid reaction forces, and more;
  • Ground security.


IZLAT provides comprehensive maritime security support to all Vessels, from tourism till cargo, Oil Barges, Oil platforms, FPSO's, Oil Transportation vessels. Vessels are normally at risk around West Africa and the Horn of Africa, should a vessel be hijacked and kept for ransom it creates an economic disposition for the company due that it needs to insure it crew, cargo and safe journey. By making use of IZLAT's maritime security procedures and strategies it will contribute to your business and economic prosperity during its venture of the seven seas.

IZLAT is compliance with the IMO (International Maritime Organizations ISPS codes), thus providing the company, seafarer, crew and vessel with Port Facility security and project security plans in order to send and receive your cargo to its final destination in safe and secure hand. IZLAT's is protecting tomorrow's future today. 


Passenger transportation;

Freight transport.

IZLAT company staff will be happy to provide you with services in the security area. We are proud of our years of experience and superior knowledge! 


  • Passenger transportation;
  • Freight transport.


  • Passenger transportation

Net to Port security services.

Our specially trained employees will help you ship any type of cargo to any place designated by you.

We can advise you other possible options to securely ship and escort your cargo safely.

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