Governmental Security

International migration problems, global threat of terrorism and organized crime are momentous security concerns for nations worldwide. These proxies affect the physical contentment of citizens as well as their prospects for national prosperity.

Decision-makers requires a progressive approach in order to mitigate risks and to provide proper strategies and policies.

IZLAT assists in forming enhancing intelligence arrays with special emphasis on imminent, militant terrorist threats.

IZLAT transforming capability and expert knowledge helps law-enforcement agencies and units into counter-terrorism specialists, respondents in the following:

  • Proactive strategies
  • Re-active strategies
  • Covert operations
  • Overt operations
  • Counter Cyber terrorism policies and procedures
  • Intervention techniques
  • Counter intelligence strategies

And incident management organizations with better capabilities to face a problem in the field.

IZLAT's seminars provide participants with: the expert knowledge of cultural and political themes relevant to security challenges that was created from their former field experience.

IZLAT provide an understanding of different aspects of the "actualized" history of different regions and cultures, emphasizing those historic events that are perceived in the region as having an ongoing effect on the political, social & religious trends, or that serve as paradigms for terrorist behavior.

 IZLAT provides seminars & lectures on related topics of terrorism, trends and terrorist hybrid organizations. Our tailor made seminars are designed for the client's requirements and its participants.

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