TMRS-102 is an advanced, professional, wireless multimedia streaming/ recording device which broadcasts live high quality video, two way audio and GPS Location to anywhere using mobile networks (3G) and WI-FI networks. The unit switches between WI-FI and cellular networks automatically and gives priority to WI-FI. The unit can be monitored and controlled from any location globally using the MRS software suite, via PCs/ laptops/ smart phones/ tablets. TMRS-102 supports 1 video channel.

The TMRS-102 Unit is a portable, handheld device (wearable) and is designed for any bodyworn application such as: policemen, fire fighters, security guards and others. The visual point of view of personnel in the field can be monitored live from any remote location. The unit is also an ideal solution for mobile vehicles, personal assets and all other streaming applications (both mobile and fixed position surveillance).

TMRS-102 is optimised for wireless cellular/ WI-FI networks and provides stable video streaming at the highest available quality, without visable performance lag (low latency). The system is designed for streaming in low network bandwidth environments over long distances and is tolerant of packet failure when cellular GSM reception is low. The unit is very small in form (5 x 10 x 2.8 cm) and uses very low power (5V). The unit has a built in rechargeable lithium battery which can feed power to any 5V analogue Camera for portable use and allows for 4.5 hours of video streaming without being connected to an external power source. Any analogue PAL/NTSC camera can be connected to the unit.


TMRS-102 Design


System Architecture

The MRS system has 2 major architectures:

This architecture is based on a server with a fixed IP address. Multiple units can communicate with the server as well as multiple clients. All clients are connected to the server only and have viewing and control capabilities.

In this configuration, the server coordinates a signal from the unit directly to the client without stopping at the server. This architecture is ideal for servers that have low bandwidth capabilities.

  • Option 1: Server Based Architecture (recommended):
  • Option 2: P2P (Peer to Peer) Architecture:

The MRS architecture is based on a MRS server which can reside either on an Internet fixed IP, VPN or inside the unit. The MRS architecture was designed specifically for multi unit, long distance environments such as wireless cellular networks. MRS has real time bandwidth control capability and is very tolerent of packet failure. Below is a diagram of Server Based Architecture:

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